-60% sale
1 On 1 Business Coaching $40.00 $100.00
Hey Doll, need help or have questions that you want answered? Well you're in the right place. Let us help you come up with an affective strategy and long term plan for your business so you can be where the money resides too! 😍 This service also includes a free copy of our Vendors list and our “How to Start a Business” Ebook as well. 😍 We can help you with: Branding  Shopify  Facebook Instagram  How to run ads Shipping process Social media engagement ....And pretty much anything else you may want to know about If you're still not sure that we can answer your question(s), please fill out our contact form and ask us, we'll let you know before hand if its something that we can help you with before you purchase!  Contact Form:  https://www.popofpinkshop.com/pages/contact-us
-60% sale
Instagram Audit $20.00 $50.00
I will personally inspect your Instagram account to see what you could improve on to grow your audience and increase your engagement. This service also includes an in depth score that will show you your ranking metrics. After the audit is completed, you’ll be given an action plan and a free copy of the “My IG Is Poppin” ebook.  * PLEASE INCLUDE YOU INSTAGRAM NAME IN THE NOTES SECTION AT CHECKOUT OR SEND US AN EMAIL WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER TO POPOFPINKSHOP@YAHOO.COM   
Web Developing services $500.00
Hey Doll, let us build your Website for you! We offer a full range of custom website building services for Shopify. You can contact us at popofpinkshop.com or by filling out our contact form: https://www.popofpinkshop.com/pages/contact-us
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